Tips and Tricks #2 - Creating a Legend

Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners Example

Notes are generic pieces of text that you can place anywhere on a map. They can be versatile and allow you to add more context.

Here is an example of using note elements combined with pioneers, settlers and townplanners elements to create a legend in the top right of the map.

Template (copy and paste into your map)

// PST Legend Top Right
pioneers [0.95, 0.83] 120 30
settlers [0.88, 0.83] 120 30
townplanners [0.81, 0.83] 120 30

note Pioneers [0.91, 0.85]
note Settlers [0.84, 0.85]
note Town Planners [0.77, 0.85]


Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planner Legend Example

To get started with this template click here to clone this example.